8 Strand Flat Braid

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This braid is obviously handy for friendship bracelets and trims, but it’s also great as a drawstring, button loop, or where you need something a little studier than a single strand of thread.


8 strands of embroidery floss, each 12 inches long, gave me about 8 inches of finished braid. This may vary with your tension.


To have the same effect as the one in the photo, arrange your strands 2 dark blue, 4 light blue, 2 dark blue. This is a good one for playing with color combos, and it looks surprisingly chic in a single color.

Split your strands into two groups – 4 on the left, 4 on the right.


Start with the farthest left strand – take it over, under, over. Let it join the group on the right (which will now have 5 strands.)


Now take the farthest right strand under, over, under, over, and let it join the group on the left. Both groups will be even again.


Repeat those two steps until desired length is reached!