Add a Clasp to a Friendship Bracelet

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Elimimate the need to tie your bracelets with a little bit of scrap leather and a clasp!

My biggest reason for not wearing friendship bracelets it the part where you tie them on. If you tie them loosely they can fall off. Tie them tightly and you may not be able to untie them. Do you wear them in the shower? Do you cut them off if you have to go somewhere, nice like a fancy wedding? What if you like the bracelet more than the people getting married? (I’m mostly sarcastic on that one.) I love playing with cats and string as much as anyone, but I’d rather not do it in the 2 inches next to my wrist.

Equipment and Supplies:

– a friendship bracelet
– scrap leather – lighter weight is better
– a utility knife and appropriate cutting surface
– clasp and jump rings
E6000 Jewelry Adhesive  or similar adhesive
– leather hole punch (you can probably get away with using a heavy needle on this project if you’re not ready to invest in this yet) 

Your leather needs to be a little wider than the bracelet.

CAREFULLY using the knife, cut two pieces at least 1 inch long, longer for bigger end caps.

Trim the leather on the back around the edges so fluff doesn’t hang off the sides (the left piece is trimmed, the right is not.) Carefully use the knife or a pair of sharp scissors to do this. You may also want to trim down the fold line so that the leather folds more easily.

Punch a pair of holes at the center line for the jump ring to go through.

Put the jump ring through the holes, and make sure the opening in the ring is to the back of the leather. This will make it a lot harder for the bracelet to come apart.

Trim down the tails on the bracelet.

Spread a nice layer of glue over the entire back of the leather piece, then fold over the end of the bracelet. Hold for a few minutes while the glue sets.


Cut the bracelet to the right length and attach the end cap on that end in the same way.

Jump ring the clasp onto one of the end caps and wear it!