Make This:

Crystal Cluster Necklace

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Crystal specimens are a fantastic jewelry making material. This one is an aragonite star – in it’s naturally occuring shape and color. It’s pretty on all sides so it needed a subtle hanging method.


– aragonite star – this one came from a gift shop at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, if you check ebay or etsy, or just google “aragonite star” it you’ll find lots to choose from
– wire – this is 20 gauge brass (still shiny, but it wil patina to match the chain)
– necklace chain and clasp
– round nose pliers
– wire cutters
– jeweler’s cement
– needle nose pliers (optional, but they probably came with your round nose pliers so keep them handy)

Use the round nose pliers to make a small loop at the end of the wire.

Cut it off about 3/8 of an inch from the loop.

Choose a groove in the crystals to glue the wire into. Consider how the cluster will hang.


Trim the wire down until the loop sits just above the end of the crystal.

Jeweler’s cement has a tiny, needle like gluing point. That makes it easier to use for precision work on projects like this.


Fill the groove with jeweler’s cement.

Place the wire into the groove, then put a bit more glue over the wire. Let it dry for 24 hours.

Put the chain through the loop and wear it!