Make Jump Rings

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Knowing how to make your own jumprings is a really handy skill. Sometimes you run out just before finishing a project, or maybe you’re using a special wire and want your rings to match. This method doesn’t require anything that isn’t in a normal jewelry making tool kit and is great for making a small amount of rings.

Supplies and Equipment:

– wire
– round nose pliers
– wire cutters

You’ll need to determine a size for your jumprings. I decided that the circumference about half way down my pliers was ideal – make a single loop then slide it off the pliers. If you like it, stick with it. If you don’t like it try another spot on the pliers until you’ve found your ideal size.

Make a coil of wire being sure to keep wrapping at the same point on the pliers and letting the coil fall toward the plier tips. A tightly wound coil will give you your best results, but it might take some practice to become good at this. Each coil is one jump ring.

Use your wire cutters to cut them into perfect circles – there shouldn’t be a gap and the wire shouldn’t overlap. Neatly trim each circle.

That’s it! Make as many as you need and finish up that project!