Wire-Linked Beads

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Stringing beads with wire is a timeless jewelry style and a great way to make a secure string of beads.

Supplies and Equipment:

– jewelry wire – anything from brass to sterling or gold will work, try to use the largest wire that will fit through your beads
– beads – tiny holes aren’t great for this
– jump rings – optional – you can always make some from the same wire if you want
– round nose pliers
– needle nose pliers
– wire cutters


This is a great time to use fancy wires and jump rings because they’re such an important part of your design!

Slide a bead onto the wire.

With the needle nose pliers, bend the end of the wire at a 90º angle. The amount at the end is what you’ll use to make a loop, so once you determine the best length do your best to replicate it with all the other links.

Use the round nose pliers to turn that section of wire into a loop. You might have to cut it off a try again a few times before you find the right length.

Slide the bead up to the loop and bend the other end of the wire at 90º, making sure the bend is as close to the bead as possible.

Cut the wire leaving the same length on this end that you used to make the other loop.

Bend that section of wire into a loop.

Make a bunch.

Use the jump rings to hook the links together. Make sure you use your jump rings the right way. You can link them directly together, but I haven’t been able to create as nice of a finish that way.


This kind of work is sometimes called “rosary beading,” especially in older references.