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Ribbon Woven Chain Necklace

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This simple, delicate necklace ties in the back and is made from satin ribbon and anodized rings. Those are the same rings as the bracelet I posted yesterday, but this uses them in a completely different way!


Special thanks to The Ring Lord for the rings used in this project, be sure to enter the giveaway to win some for your own projects!

1 package of 16 gauge 5/16” ID Rings, Saw Cut – Anodized Aluminum Orange
1 package of 18 gauge 3/16” ID Rings, Saw Cut – Anodized Aluminum Gold
1/4″ wide satin ribbon, about 2 yards, for the large rings
1/8″ wide satin ribbon, about 2 yards, for the small rings
2 pairs of jewelry pliers – I used one needlenose and one roundnose
masking tape OR jewelry pliers with vinyl pads


I list one package because that’s all you’ll need to make this, but I actually made these necklaces and a bracelet from one package of each style of rings!


Anodized aluminum will scuff if you use normal metal pliers with it. Anodizing is a thin coat of color on top of aluminum. It stays pretty and bright through normal use but steel pliers are harder than aluminum so they will mar your rings. To avoid this you can either use pliers with nylon jaws (I’m still on a hunt to find a pair that I like the size and shape of) or you can wrap your pliers with a few layers of masking tape. Pay attention as you work, the tape will break down. You may have to re-wrap them at some point.


All of the rings will need to be closed before they are woven with the ribbon – they’re probably just slightly open out of the package so go ahead and close a bunch to save time. Use this tutorial on opening and closing jumprings if you’re unfamiliar with the right way to do it!

I’m showing this close to end of the ribbon for clarity, when you make a necklace you’ll want to measure to about 2x the finished length you want and start there.


Slide two rings onto the ribbon.

Fold the ribbon back and go through the first ring you added again.

When you tighten the ribbon it will look like this. Tighten the ribbon securely, but don’t use any extra force, friction will hold it in place for you.

Go back through the second ring (the one that was sticking up.)

Tighten the ribbon to look like this.

Add another ring.

Go back through the previous ring, tighten into place.

The new ring will be sticking up like this.

Put the end of the ribbon through the ring that is sticking up.

It will flatten into this.

Add another ring, go back through the previous ring.

Send the tail through the ring that is sticking up.

Continue adding rings in this way until you reach the length you want. The rings will hold themselves in place through friction. Cut the other end of the ribbon to the length you want and tie it around your neck or wrap it around your wrist a few times. You may want to melt or fray check the ends of the ribbon, or add a clasp if you like that better!

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