Square Knots and Alternating Square Knots

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The square knot is a knot used in macramé and friendship bracelet applications. When used in an alternating pattern it’s a great textured filler.


A standard macramé square knot is worked over four strands – two working strands and two core strands. The core strands are there to help the knot form in a more substantial way. This can be worked over any number of core strands – two is the most common because they can be used in alternating square knots.


Twisted Square Knots

If you complete a series of square knots in this way, they will twist. The knot shown in the first panel is repeated over and over until the desired length is reached.


Flat Square Knots

If you create square knots in this way, they will lay flat. The first step in both twisted and flat is the same, but in the second part of this knot the strand that was in front of the core the first time is behind it the second time.


Alternating Square Knots

These knots are worked as the flat square knots above were. Starting with at least 8 strands, divide them into 4 strand groups and complete a flat square knot on each. Then the core strands become the working strands and vice versa, so a second knot can be formed centered between two knots above it.